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Drop Ship FAQ's

Q: What is drop shipping? 

A: Drop shipping just means that the product you order is shipped directly to you by our supplier. 

Q: I live local.  Can I pick up my items from the warehouse in Harrison, AR? 

A: Unfortunately, drop ship items are not available for local pick up.  To save you time, we just have the supplier ship them directly to you instead of to us first!  Please select a shipping option when ordering drop ship items. 

Q: What if I order a drop ship item and a non drop ship item? 

A: Great question! So the non drop ship item can be picked up locally or shipped just like usual; however, the drop ship item will ship directly from the manufacturer.  That means you could get more than one package to fulfill your order. Even though you may get 2 separate packages, you will still only pay one shipping rate. 

Q: Is this stuff coming from overseas? 

A: Heck no! While some of these items may be manufactured overseas, the supplier themselves are all stateside in the USA.  All items will ship from a USA based supplier. 

Q: What about returning or exchanging a drop ship item?

A: Drop ship items will follow our normal return policy.  Just contact us at with the issue and we will give you directions on how to proceed. Please do not just ship item back before notifying us. 

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