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The Best Things in Life are Free!

The Best Things in Life are Free!
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That's a true statement!  I mean who doesn't love something for free?  In a world where the price of everything just keeps going up, freebies are few and far between.  Most people know by now that the US Post Office raised its rates...again.  We get it, rate increases are a necessary evil, but no one wants to pay higher shipping costs.  So what is Kade & Cate doing to keep shipping costs down?  We are offering FREE shipping!  Instead of raising our rates to meet the increase, we just slashed them altogether!

 Here's what you need to know: 

1.  Free shipping applies to any shipment regardless of the dollar amount spent IF you choose the free shipping option. 

2.  Free shipping will likely be economy shipping which generally has a five business day delivery expectation.  

3. Your boots, booties and shoes will likely ship without their box.  They will be wrapped but removing the box takes down the overall shipment dimensions making the cost to ship lower.  Shipping without the box is necessary to allow free shipping for shoes. 

4. You will still get a tracking number.

5. If you need your package as soon as possible, you can still choose the Priority shipping option but it will cost you $6.95 regardless of your order total.  

6.  Locals within driving distance of our store will still have the option to pick up their orders in store free of charge.  

We hope this move will better serve all of our customers.  Having the option of free shipping means that there is no 'SURPRISE! Here's an extra $6.95 shipping charge' added to your end total unless you choose Priority shipping.  Obviously, applicable tax will apply.  Happy shopping and enjoy your FREE shipping!  


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