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Market Madness

Market Madness
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Well, we survived our first apparel market and we LOVED it!  We attended the Dallas Apparel Market at the end of January and it was the most epic shopping trip ever.  We met with and secured new vendors and added some major brands to our already diverse brand listing.  The best part, most of them zip code protect so we will be the exclusive carrier in our local market.  We even added a few brands that you can MACHINE WASH!  Holla!  We aren't going to reveal the brands we ordered yet because we want them to be a total surprise so just hold your horses and be patient.  It will be worth the wait!  Here's a photo of me and my sidekick on the 15th floor overlooking the Dallas skyline: 

Obviously, we underestimated the power of the suns rays coming through the window and for that reason, you really can't tell what you're even looking at.  Mr, Kade & Cate has two eyes.  Promise.

So, what did we learn at our first market?  

1.  Never, EVER close the store again for 3 days!  No matter the amount of advertising, posting, word of mouth spreading that we did, we still had customers come to shop with us only to find a locked door.  We realize now how bad of a decision it was to close.  Please accept our apologies!!  Live and learn, right?

2.  Pack snacks.  For obvious reasons.  It's a long day with very little time to eat.  No one wants to have to step over someone who has passed out due to blood sugar bottoming out.  

3.  It's okay to say no.  Just because the rep presents it, you don't have to buy it!  I tried to picture each item on my regular customers.  If I couldn't, I put it back on the rack! 

4.  Wear sensible shoes!  Y'all, I literally saw someone collapse into a sofa and remove her shoes!  4 inch wedges and a 10 hour day on your feet DO NOT mix!

5.  Go a day early.  We severely underestimated the sheer amount of time necessary to adequately search and research. Sure, we are happy with the brands we added, but we admittedly missed several too just because we were rushed to make it to every floor.  

6.  Uber is life.  We used Uber for the first time.  Seriously.  We live in rural America where half the residents have never heard of Uber.  When you don't know your way around Dallas and traffic is bumper to bumper, leave it to the local pros!  

7.  You can never be too prepared.  New vendors will need everything except your first born child!  Organization and preparation are key.   

8.  Do a better job documenting the trip.  I totally meant to SnapChat my followers and make all these awesome, engaging posts.  Guess what, I didn't.  Face palm.  

9.  Have fun!!!  And, we did.  We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and cannot wait for the next.

We cannot wait until all the stuff we ordered starts arriving!  Make sure you are following us on Facebook and Instagram so you don't miss out!


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