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Is This Real Life?

Is This Real Life?
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Okay, so I know I did a "get to know us" post awhile back.  You can read it here: So Who Are These People? However, I just wanted to update you all on the current situation!  Winter has finally arrived here and with the wind chill we are seeing negative temps.  It's colder than a well diggers rear out here! We live on a farm which means every water trough and bucket is frozen solid when we wake up in the morning.  Since the hubs leaves A LOT earlier than me, like before my eyelids have even seen the light of day, I water and feed the animals before I leave for the store.  This morning, I decided to document the whole process!  

Step 1: Put on super warm, super fashionable fleece pants and rain boots.  If you have to tromp around in animal pies, you need to be able to rinse off your boots!  See photo for illustration: 

I know you're totally digging my pants.  Sorry, we don't carry these at Kade & Cate.  

Step 2:  Feed the goat a carrot for good measure.  She LOVES them and it will make her happy while she is waiting on fresh water.  We don't normally have goats, but my Grandparents are on a trip so we are goat sitting.  Meet Kate: 

Isn't her carrot stogie adorable??  Yes, that's a collar.  She may or may not identify as being a dog. 

Step 3: Climb into chicken coup that is as secure as Fort Knox to keep opossums, 'coons and any other varmint out and retrieve rock solid water pan.  Shoo pecking chickens from your feet and back yourself out of the gate before they flock out after you!  Fill pan with fresh water and go back into pen with water only to be flogged by extremely thirsty chickens!  Y'all don't even know how hard it is to get a selfie of yourself being flogged.  Well, I don't have one; that's how hard it is!  Instead, here's a photo of our happy egg layers with their fresh water. 

Step 4: Feed the horses that are running the fence line because they have watched you feed every other animal but them and if they don't get fed, fence rows are comin down!  

That little shadow in the bottom right is Mr. Marvin, our mini Schnauzer.  He thinks he's a real farm dog! 

Locals, now you know why there are days where I look like a total hot mess!  I did actually manage to put on real pants this morning so those of you thinking I wore those fleece beauties in the first photo to work, well, I didn't!  There is never a dull moment in Rural America.


  • Kade & Cate: January 11, 2017

    She’s a happy girl in our front yard! Every time the door opens she thinks she will get a treat! Have fun and drive safe. Love you too!

  • Doug hyatt: January 09, 2017

    Kate is looking good, we are in California, it is cold and raining. See you soon…love you.

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