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Is LipSense Non-Sense?

Is LipSense Non-Sense?
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The latest trend in cosmetics is LipSense lip color.  I see it everywhere!  It pops up in my Facebook feed, it's popping up in boutiques and everyone is buzzing about it.  I have had two different people approach me about carrying it in Kade & Cate.  It's the Lularoe of lip color!  Admittedly, I don't know a whole lot about the company or the product, but I did win some lip color off my friend, Lip Addiction by Gloria, so I went ahead and purchased the Glossy Gloss to go with and tried it! I have always been a Mary Kay girl, and still am, so I kinda felt like I was cheating my my Mary Kay lady.  Hopefully, she will forgive me.  Here's my honest, no nonsense, review: 


1.  It truly does have the BEST staying power of any lip color I have ever used.  I wore it to a NYE party and ate, drank, and was merry.  I didn't have to reapply the color one time. 

2.  It does not budge, smudge, smear or get on your teeth!  You can literally rub your lips after the color has dried and it will not get on your fingers. 

3.  There are endless color/shade options.  The recommendation is three layers of the color, but wearing less just gives you a lighter shade to work with.  It may decrease the staying power though.  

4.  It's easy to apply. It only takes a few minutes to apply and it dries super fast. 

5.  You can wear it matte without the gloss or glam it up and add shine by applying a layer of the Glossy Gloss after the third layer dries. 

6.  It will, obviously, last a lot longer than a tube of lipstick.  When you have to reapply lipstick every time you have a cup of coffee or eat, one tube doesn't last all that long.

7.  It's not anymore expensive then a good tube of lipstick.  Now, if you enjoy a $1 Dollar General special, then you will probably have some sticker shock.  But, if you wear decent lipstick, this is actually probably cheaper considering it's going to last twice as long. 

8.  I get TONS of compliments on my lip color when I wear it!


1. While it's easy to apply, you do need a mirror.  If you get the color on your skin, it has the same staying power as it does if it were on your lips!  So don't color outside the lines!!

2. It BURNS!  Now, this I did not expect.  If your lips are chapped or wind burned, this product will burn like the dickens.  It's alcohol based (which probably contributes to the quick dry property it has) so just like pouring alcohol on a cut, putting LipSense on your chapped lips will cause some discomfort.  Hey, beauty is pain though, right? 

3.  It smells funky while its wet! And it has a slight bitter taste if you're a lip licker like me. 

4.  If you aren't used to wearing lip color, you will be able to feel the color on your lips and without the Glossy Gloss, it can make your lips feel dry. 

5.  It's addicting.  I already want another color! 

There you have it; the pros FAR outweigh the cons.  I would definitely recommend LipSense lip color to all my friends.  I'm still partial to my Mary Kay Nourishine Lip Gloss but I am digging LipSense for all day color, photo shoots and interviews.  Go ahead...give it a try and then report back here about your experience!  


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