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How to Handle Pre-Fall in the South

How to Handle Pre-Fall in the South
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Labor Day weekend is over.  You've packed the white jeans away.  Hobby Lobby has all the Fall things and even an aisle of Christmas decorations out.  Halloween costumes are starting to show up at Target.  And yet, it's 46,000 degrees outside still.  How the heck is a girl supposed to enjoy her cuddly sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes when mother nature won't calm her pits???  Maybe these tips will help: 

1.  Cardigans.  One in every color!  Get just a little more use out of those favorite summer pieces by tossing a cardigan over them during the chilly mornings and evenings.  

2. Add a great pair of booties.  You know that summer pedicure isn't going to last much longer anyway!  Plus, booties go with jeans, dresses and everything in between. 

3.  Keep that graphic tee collection fresh.  Graphic tees are still at the top of the "now trending" list and they have become a wardrobe staple.  Whether you're pairing them with jeans or tucking them into a skirt and adding a blazer, great graphics are a life saver in the Fall.  Add a flannel or refer back to #1! 

4. Go ahead and splurge on a great sweater.  Yeah, so it's 90 degrees this week.  You know how unpredictable our weather is!  It could be 47 tomorrow and there you'd be...with last year's out of date sweater.  Plus, a great sweater is easy to wear over your favorite summer cutoffs to that one last hoorah! 

5. Rock a dress.  Whether it's short, midi or maxi length, show off that summer tan for a few more months with a great dress.  After all, they do make layering easy peasy lemon squeezy.  

We know summer changing to fall is a bit bittersweet, but change is good.  Life is all about seasons.  Enjoy each one.  Have a great Fall transition style tip??  Share it with the rest of us in the comments! 


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