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So, Who Are These People?

So, Who Are These People?
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If you're going to shop with us, you might as well know who we are!  We're the Moons.  We are a family of four living out our entrepreneurial dream.  Kade & Cate was an idea I had when I still worked for a major corporation and spent my days in a four by four cubicle slowly but surely loosing my sanity.  It started as a children's dress and tutu company with yours truly as the designer.  It did pretty well, but the idea soon lost its luster and I placed it on the back burner.  My husband and I knew we wanted a retail based business so my mind started racing circles around itself and Kade & Cate re-emerged as this boutique!  It has been the most amazing learning and growth experience and I am so excited to see it continue to grow. Now, meet us personally:

Leslie - Primary Owner:

This photo represents the first time I ever attempted to "model."  Go ahead, I'll give you a second to laugh! I'm 33 years old, married to the love of my life and I now realize, I am not a model.  I love spending time with my beautiful family whether we are hiking or laying on the beach or just sitting down for a movie on our couch.  I hate when people smack while eating or chewing gum and the sound of Dwight Yoakam's voice makes me cringe.  I constantly struggle with wanting washboard abs and like a dozen a donuts.  Donuts usually win. I'm a total klutz and run into counters, door frames, you name it regularly so I'm not surprised when random bruises occur!  I don't take life too seriously and try to enjoy every second of it.

Kaleb - Mr. Kade & Cate:

He never takes photos of himself (I'd be worried if he did!) so one with me and photo bombing Miss Cate will have to do!  This man. He is selfless, supports my business, helps me daily while running his own business, is the best daddy and he's super handsome!  He's laid back, kind, patient and will eat anything I cook, even if the dog won't.  I couldn't ask for a better life and business partner.  

Mr. Kade - The Quiet One

My firstborn. He takes after his dad - is quiet, passive, patient, kind.  He loves basketball, hiking, playing his PS4, reading and his friends. He hates being in the car for any period of time, drama and shopping.  This kid makes parenting easy.  He does his homework without having to be asked, gets good grades and never gets in trouble in school.  You won't see him much at the store because he likes to hang out in the back and use the wifi and eat the snacks!  His dad and I are pretty proud of the young man he is becoming but are wondering where in the world our little boy went. 

Miss Cate - Sassy Sales Girl

Y'all, this girl is one of a kind!  She is stubborn, sassy and quick witted but sweet, kind and giving at the same time.  Some say she gets her sassiness from's a lie.  It comes from her dad (also a lie haha!).  She enjoys hiding in the racks and jumping out and scaring our local customers.  Good thing its a small town and we know everyone. She also enjoys tumbling, competitive cheer, playing in make up, doing her nails and all things girly.  She can flip a switch and play in the mud, hop on the four wheeler and catch frogs too.  She helps me at the store by bagging merchandise and trying on everything I get in even though she's only 9 and it all hangs off of her! 

That's pretty much us.  We are blessed.  We are loving life and can't wait to serve YOU!


  • Kade & Cate: November 03, 2016

    Thank you so much!! It’s because I LOVE y’all!

  • Marcia Gaines: November 03, 2016

    This is so great! You left out how great you are with Kaleb’s extended family. I love your shop! Keep living the dream

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