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Be The Change
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Did you know the average age for individuals trafficked in the US is 12-14 years old?? My daughter turns 13 in just a couple weeks. Gut. Punch. 
Did you also know that human trafficking is a $150 BILLION a year enterprise? It is second, only to drug trafficking, in the fastest growing organized crime. Think it's a third world country issue?? Think again. The US ranks at the top of the list for demand and supply of individuals being trafficked. Y'all we have to do something.
Children have no -
As an individual, it's hard to know where to start to help. Very few of us have enough extra money to donate regularly to aid in the fight against this plague. BUT collectively, we can advocate for change and we should. Through much prayer, discussion with the boss man and tears, we have decided that this company will be a part of the change. We have chosen three non profit organizations that we will begin donating a portion of our net profits to on a monthly basis. I am also currently working on some original t-shirt designs that will soon be available. It is my hope that $10 from the sale of each shirt can be donated as well.
The 3 non profits we have chosen are:
THORN - This company builds artificial intelligence to aide in detecting predators online. Essentially, they are attacking human trafficking pro-actively.
Operation Underground Railroad O.U.R. - This company aids in rescue missions, works closely with police to make sure they have the proper funding and works in the aftercare of victims. They are reacting to the crisis.
Grandma's House Advocacy Center - Locals (Harrison, AR), this is in our backyard. Grandma's House serves children from all types of backgrounds offering them counseling services, private interviews to assist in police investigations and even private medical exams.
Each month will be assigned to one of these charities and we will give 10% of our net profits for that month to them. I am very excited about this and feel like this platform I have been given should be used to change the world! Not only can we all be dressed to the nines, we can go to sleep every night knowing that we are doing our part to protect the rights of those in our society that are most vulnerable.


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