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7 Gifts Under $20

7 Gifts Under $20
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So you want to be a great gifter this season, but you're on a budget.  We can relate which is why we have put together a list of gifts under $20 that will make you the envy of all gift givers this holiday season!  Whether you're buying for a best friend, a sister or your in laws, these gifts will put a smile on their face without putting you in the poor house. 

1.  Blanket Scarf - $18

Who doesn't love a blanket scarf?  They are practical and super stylish.  You can twist them, drape them and tie them about 15 different ways and easily add a little flair to any outfit. 

2.   A Great Smelling Candle with Serious Attitude - $18.95

Evil Queen candles are far from evil.  They smell so good you will want to eat them (We don't suggest it, though!) and they are produced by a one woman show out of her garage in California using all USA grown, vegan soy.  A gift that supports small business, is environmentally friendly AND will make the receiver smile with glee?  We can get behind a deal like that!

3. Jewelry - $12-$20

The majority of our jewelry is between $12 and $20.  Jewelry is always a winner when it comes to giving gifts!  

4. Infinity Scarf - $14 - $18

These loose knit infinity scarves shown are absolutely gorgeous and they come in this season's hottest, timeless colors: Ivory, Mustard, and Wine. 

5.  CC Beanies - $10.95 - $18

These beanies NEVER go out of style!  We have several colors to choose from and the classic style is only $10.95!  At that price, you can grab one for yourself too.  

6. Suede Hats - $16.95

These hats are popping up EVERYWHERE this year and I have to say, I love mine!  It's stylish enough to wear with just about everything and you look cute without fixing your hair.  It's a win, win. 

7. Wallets - $12.95 - $20

How cute are these wallets?  All them have plenty of room for cards, cash, photos and change.  These make great stocking stuffers, best friend gifts or just because gifts. 


To be a great gifter doesn't mean you have to spend an arm and a leg and your first born child.  The thought behind the gift is what counts right?  With this list you can give a great gift and keep food in the fridge!  Which gift would you like to receive?


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